Never hurt those who genuinely love you because you want to get even, you might be showing them how to live without you.





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THE WALL BETWEEN- Chapter Twenty

“Hello” I said as I answered the call, I was barely awake and didn’t check the screen

“Happy birthday!!!” voices from the other end of the phone screamed, I checked my phone and the ID read “Father” 

“Many more years to come with good health and God’s blessings” he prayed, I could hear his wife’s voice at the background.

“Amin, thank you” I replied

“May this new year bring you great success, I pray the Almighty grant you your hear desires” His wife prayed

“See you soon dear” my father said and hung up

The door opened and Granny walked in

“Happy birthday dear, may this year be a turning point in your life. May all your prayers and wishes come through, I pray Allah bless and protect you from all forms of evil” Granny prayed

“Amin” I replied

“Happy birthday, once again” she said and kissed my forehead “Get up and come out” she said and left for the sitting room

I had my bath and went out to the sitting room, my family were all present. Everyone was looking and beautiful my favorite cake was baked but this time it was a different.

The icing read ” Happy Twentieth Birthday” 

It was my Twentieth Birthday. It’s been four years since I forgave my father, I still live with my grandparents. I visited my fathers house thrice in the past years but I have allowed him play his role as a father.

A lot of things changed during the years, Maryam got married and was heavily pregnant but she made it to my party. Uncle married another lady, and they both had a son. My grandparents were aging, Kabir now has his own law firm and Aunt Faiza and Aunt Baraqah are happy mother’s and wife’s.

“Happy birthday pumpkin” Maryam said

“Thanks dear” I said giving her a hug “You’re almost due” I said in excitement

“Yes in two weeks” she replied

“Wow, can’t wait” I said staring at her bump

Hours into the party, my father and his wife who am used to calling Aunt or Mrs Usman arrived with their son who’s my stepbrother. The young boy is now grown and in junior school, he looked just like my father. 

“Happy birthday” my father said hugging me

“Thank you” 

“You look younger than your age” Mrs Usman teased

“She looks just like her mother” Grandpa replied

“Common let’s join the party” Mrs Usman said calling our attention off Grandpa statement.

Every year since my sixteenth birthday, my father and his family joined in celebrating my birthday at my grandparents house.

I graduated from the university the previous year and was serving in Abeokuta. I graduated with a 3.25 GPA and my family was really happy, I had plans of getting a second degree after my youth service. As the party progressed, I stood and admired everyone. They all looked happy and were merry, I was happy too, my aging grandparents were happy and my father and his family were happily talking to them.

“You made a great decision in forgiving your father” Maryam said cutting me off

“Yea, am happy I did” I said smiling.



THE WALL BETWEEN- Chapter Nineteen

My father was restless, I couldn’t understand why my forgiveness was really important, they needed my grandparents forgiveness more. I painted a picture of everything that happened between him and my family in mind, for a minute I felt I saw my mother. It was impossible to see the dead but I could see someone who was just like the lady in the picture Granny gave me.
I saw her smiling at me, telling me to go on. It was evening and I wasn’t by her grave and so I was sure I was imagining things. My mother was dead and I don’t believe in ghosts, I took a deep breath to relax my nerves and continued.

“I hold no grudges against you nor your family”I continued “You should ask for forgiveness from my grandparents, you owe them an apology” I paused

“I have and it’s in good faith that I hope they forgive me” my father said almost kneeling. 

He wasn’t going to do that to me, kneeling for a young was considered an insult. I didn’t want him kneeling either.

“I have forgiven you already, God forgives and I hope and pray he forgives you” I said. His mother stood up with excitement and gave me a hug. I wasn’t expecting it, my father and everyone had a smile on their faces after hearing I had forgiven him

“Thank You” my father said as he moved closer to me, stretching his arms for a hug. I responded and he kept whispering “Thank You” in my ears

I turned to look at my family, they were all smiling. They weren’t upset, that means they were expecting me to forgive him. Grandpa kissed my hands and Granny had tears running down her cheeks. I couldn’t tell what was going on in their minds but I knew there was more to come.

“We are happy you’ve forgiven your father” his father said “He’s your father and you’ve done what anyone with a big heart will do” he paused and said “Thank You”

“We hope you both get close and try to make up for the lost times” his mother added

“Thank you for forgiving my husband” his wife said smiling “I admire your strength and courage, you’re strong” she said

“I will want you to come around to visit us” my father said. He was proposing I follow him home, i knew he was going to request that of me.

“You can come with us if you wish” his mother added

“Am not going anywhere” rebuked “I’m staying right here with my family” I said

“We are not asking that you leave your family, we are family too, am your grandmother too” his mother said

“I know, but my home is here” I said holding my grandparents hands “They lost a daughter once and am not ready to loose them” 

They all stared at me, they weren’t expecting such from me. My forgiveness doesn’t mean I was going to put the past behind and pack my bags to my father’s house.

“I understand, you just admitted into university and you need the necessary things a young girl needs” my father said

“I have it all here” I replied

“Dear” his wife said “I know it’s a little bit early to request such from you, your father just wants a little father and daughter time” she paused “Everyone wants to have you around, I also want to have you around, it may be a day or two. Just to get to know you” she concluded

She sounds more intelligent than my father and his parents, she spoke with so much love and wisdom. I was amazed at the way she was trying to convince me, I was almost considering the offer when I thought not too soon. I don’t have to make my father have it all in a day. 

“You can always come visiting whenever you want to” my father said

“I’ll think about it” I said

“Thank you, I brought you a little gift and I want you to accept it from me” my father said getting up from his seat as he pointing to a leather bag 

“A gift to bribe me” I thought

“No gifts” I said

“Please take it, let me know you’ve forgiven me truly” he replied

I was about refusing again when Granny patted my thigh and I nodded in agreement. He wore a big smile, he was happier than the first time. 

They all left and my family and his shook hands as they reconciled. I felt something called sadness leave my heart when I forgave him.

“I’ll be expecting you at the house soon” his wife said as she hugged me. She seemed to be a nice woman.

“Thank you” my father said as they all left. I stood at the courtyard with my family as we watched them leave.

“Am so proud of you” Granny said giving me a hug

“You made us proud” Grandpa said

“Why didn’t anyone say anything” I asked and they all laughed

“We’ve always been the ones talking all these years” Aunt Faiza said “We wanted it to between you and your father, we decided to break the wall between you and him” 

“We wanted to hear you speak and say whatever was going on with you, we needed you to speak for yourself without any barrier” Uncle added

“And you made us proud, you did what any strong person would do, forgive” Granny said

“Your mother would have forgiven him too” Aunt Faiza said

“You didn’t fail in your promise” Grandpa said giving me a hug

I had promised I wasn’t going anywhere with my father if he came for me. And I didn’t fail to keep my promise. 

…To be continued


THE WALL BETWEEN- Chapter Eighteen

I got admitted into the university of Lagos to study my dream course. I was getting ready to leave for the university and I was prepared to meet my father before going to the university.

I went out one day to get supplies for school, I walked into the sitting room and met my father in the sitting room with my family.

“Good evening” I greeted everyone, I was quite surprised to see everyone calm with my father. 

“Hiqmat, this is your father. I’m sure you know that already, these are his parents and his family” Grandpa said introducing two early couples as my father’s parents and a young woman with a young boy as his family. 

My father was married with a son.

“They are here to talk to you” he added

“Yes,my child” the old lady who was obviously my father’s mother which makes her my grandmother said

“I’m your grandmother” she introduced herself “I know you are angry at us, we are here to ask for your forgiveness as well as your family’s” she said

“Why don’t you let him talk for himself” Granny said and Grandpa ran his hand across her shoulder telling her to “be calm”

“We have offended you and your family. Your father is not the only one at fault, we his parents are also to be blamed. We are also at fault for not coming to check on you” her husband continued

“We are aware he’s been coming cover to harass you and your family. You might still be a child but you are created by God and for that we seek your forgiveness. We need you to forgive your father” his mother added

I caught my father staring at me, I felt this is all he should have done rather than coming over to harass my family wanting to take me away.

“This woman here is his wife” the old lady said placing her right hand on the ladies thigh and this boy is his son” the young boy was sitting beside my uncle, he had a striking resemblance with my father.

“I’m sorry” my father said “You are my daughter and you have every right to be angry. I made a mistake, I never tried my best to get close to you. I should have been remorseful and understanding but I wasn’t, am truly sorry I haven’t been a father to you all this years” he said

I turned around to look at my grandparents. They didn’t say anything, they stared at me in the hope that I make the right decision.

“We know it will be hard for you to forgive him, it hasn’t been easy for young girl who has a father to be abandoned by her father. He didn’t want you all this while and now he wants you, I know that’s how you feel” the young woman said. I looked at her and she was saying just what I was thinking.

“Everyone makes mistakes, no one short of sin. You’re going through a difficult situation because of all this drama. Your decision whether or not to forgive him is right, because no one knows what you’ve been going through” she said looking straight into my eyes “But I want you to know that to err is human and to forgive is divine” she concluded

I felt she was patronizing me, but she spoke with no force. She said all I needed to hear, she spoke as if we’ve met before and I have told her everything going on on my mind. I took another look at her, she was a mother and had a son, she might have other kids but she was a mother and sure knows what it meant to never care for a child.

I was prepared for the meeting but I expected him to be at our house much earlier than that day. I had already made a decision and I wasn’t going to change it. Sixteen years is a long time to ask for a child, I wasn’t taken away to another country, he never pushed further to ask for his child. I didn’t forget all that he did to my mother, she died after giving birth to me all courtesy of my father. 

My nights were becoming long as i think all night, I barely catch a sleep. My thoughts was distracted with my father’s plea

“My dear child, please find a place in your heart to forgive me” my father please, he called me ‘Dear’. 

“Am now dear to him” i thought, I stared at him and am sure he got the message in my eyes which meant  “Am not your Dear”. 

“I’m not entirely happy with everything that you’ve done over the years to my mother, me and my family.” I said “My mother died after my birth all thanks to you, my grandparents has been my only support and strength over the years. You never showed remorse and gratitude for everything they did to you” I paused 

“Granny refused Grandpa from sending you to prison, they took care of me and gave me everything I ever wanted. You are here today with your family to ask for forgiveness from my family.” I said, I looked at his family making sure my eyes met with theirs.

“You should have done this long ago, just maybe I would have forgiven you and all this drama would have been avoided” I paused. I might have talked too much that day, but no one stopped me from talking. They all wanted me to speak, I have been holding too much inside of me and it was time to throw it out.

The whole room was quite, they all stared at me upon hearing my last statement. I had said “just maybe I would have forgiven him”, that statement hit everyone really hard. I could feel my grandpa hands on my legs. I didn’t know what that sign was, but I have already made my decision. 

My father eyes were almost teary, he needs to pay for all he’s done but I won’t be the one to make him pay. His wife stared at me as if her eyes could make me reverse the statement, his mother turned pale and everyone in the room was waiting eagerly for my next statement.

… To be continued.


THE WALL BETWEEN- Chapter Seventeen

JAMB exam was a week away and classes were rounding up. On my last day at the tutor center, everyone was talking about the latest news and trends going on. They talked about the things going on social media.

My colleagues had phones with Internet connection but I had none, they all knew what was going on home and abroad. 

“Guess what happened yesterday” Funke said, Funke was a very nice girl, we were both age mates and graduate from the same secondary school. 

“Tell us” Faruq said

“Yea, we are not good at guessing” Bimpe said

“Ok, my Mum and her team raided a baby factory and arrested a woman who bought a baby from the factory ” Funke said

“What does that mean” I asked

“Yea, whats that” Bimpe asked

“A baby factory is a place where ladies who are pregnant stay, they give birth and sell their baby”

“Oh my, you mean they sell their children. That’s absurd” I said

“Apparently, my mother and her team arrested the woman. She bought the child from the child’s mother for two fifty thousand”

“That’s a lot of money” Kunle who has been listening said

“Is it worth selling a child for money” I asked

“In the past, children were exchanged for debt.” Kunle said

“Common, you not trying to say the mother did right?” Bimpe asked

“Not at all, am just kidding” Kunle

“Let me continue my story then you guys can argue later” Funke “The mother was arrested and she said she sold her child because she needed money” she continued
“That’s bizarre, people can do anything for money” I said 

“What about mother’s who abandon their babies because there was no money to take care of them and now she wants them” Bimpe 

“Yes, I have heard of stories like that. Mother’s and sometimes father’s abandon their kids and come back years later for them” Funmi said

“You know, it’s wrong to sell a child. That’s slavery even though other people might take care of the child but it’s wrong, what if they use the child is killed and organs are removed” I said

“That’s true Hiqmat, parents who do that have no respect for God. They are just wicked and have a special seat reserved in hell” Funmi added and everyone laughed at her last statement

“As for parents who abandon their kids, theirs is better in a way. They get to ask for forgiveness, but who forgives those who sold them” Faruq

“I can’t imagine my parents selling or abandoning me, it’s not possible” Kunle said ” I don’t know if I will forgive them” he added

“Well you will, I mean they are your parents even God  forgives” Funmi said and everyone murmured “They did what they did out of ignorance, and when they come back you’ll forgive them” she continued

“Seriously, Funmi do you think it’s a walk in the park. After so many years they show up, you think am going to open my arms to them. No way!” Funke replied

“We are all saying this because we haven’t experienced any. For me, I will forgive but never forget” Bimpe

” I know of a young lady whose mother abandoned with her elder sister after her birth. Her mother’s sister, that’s her aunt took great care of her. Years later, this young lady became a medical doctor and her mother came looking for her” Funke narrated

 “It was a tough time for the young doctor but she forgave her mother who was already married and had two kids” She said

“Just like that, without any issues” Kunle 
I listened to everything they said, I felt my story was related in one or the other, their thoughts on this issue was helpful.

“She did try ignore and deny her mother but on the other hand her mother was ignorant and didn’t seek guidance before running away” Funke replied

“OK, she forgave her mother who abandoned her. I guess the story would have been different if she sold her like Funke narrated earlier” Bimpe

“Selling is worse, I won’t bother having anything to do with such, she can kill” Faruq said

“I pray we never experience such, no one should go through such nonsense” Kunle

“Why get pregnant when you can’t take care of the child, why marry when you can’t father a child?” Funmi

“Huhm, word” Faruq said 

“What’s the penalty for abduction, selling and killing” Bimpe asked

“Death and sometimes life imprisoned” Funke replied

“Huhm, that’s OK” Bimpe

The conversation went on and on, everyone had something to say. I was lost in thought as I felt a connection with  the stories Funke related. 

I thought to myself “what will I do?”, it was up to me to decide whether or not i needed to forgive my  father. I haven’t seen him since we last met, I needed to forgive him so I could have some peace. I haven’t been able to sleep well at night for a long time, I kept recalling everything that was happening whenever am alone.

I got home that day and decided i needed to have some peace. I went thought about everything from the story Aunt Baraqah told me to my father coming over. I made a decision that night, one I know was going to change my life and might hurt my family.

…To be continued.


THE WALL BETWEEN- Chapter Sixteen

After my fathers visit to the house on my birthday, I kept recalling everything that happened. I got upset thinking about all he said about my family, and the story Aunt Baraqah told me about him. I didn’t want to make a decision because I was upset, I decided to talk to Maryam hoping she would help.

“I think I need to talk to my father” I told her

“Are you sure you want to do that?” She asked spreading the clothes on the line, Maryam and I were doing the laundry.

“Yes, he is my father. I need to ask him some questions” I replied 

“It’s OK, after what happened, I think you both need to talk. Your father needs to apologize to you and everyone too” she said staring at me

“I want to hear his own side of the story” I said, letting her know why I wanted to see him

“Huh! What do you want to hear?. Hiqmat!, are you doubting all that Aunt Baraqah told you” she asked with a straight face

“No, I need to know why he did what he did” I replied

“He did what he did because your mother refused him” she said still angry

“I know, I need to know why he never cared to check on me. I need to know why he wants to be part of my life now” I explained.

“I know how you feel. If that’s it, you should see him, but you mustn’t let anyone know” 

“I don’t know how”

“I don’t either, but I think you should be prepared to meet him soon. He’s coming back” she said as we continued spreading the clothes on the line

Few days later, I was returning from my JAMB class when a black vehicle waylaid me. At first I thought I was going to be kidnapped, but I saw my father getting out of the car. 

“You scared me” I said almost screaming

“Am sorry, I had no choice” he replied with a smile

“What do you want?” I asked with a straight face, I wasn’t going to forgive him just like that.

“I need to talk to you, I know you hate me but I need to clear somethings up” he said as he moved closer

“Really, things like what?” I asked trying to figure out what things he wants to clarify.

“Come with me, we can talk in the car” he said pointing at a black Toyota corolla car

“Am not going anywhere with you” I said as I tried to leave

“Please, am not going to hurt you I promise” he said, and continued to persuade me.

After much persuasion, I agreed to enter the car.

“Thank you” he said as we both got seated in the car.

“Am listening” I said, ignoring him

“I know you’re not happy with me, after everything they must have told you about me. I know you really wish you could erase me from your story” he said

“What do you want” I said, I wasn’t interested in long talks “Why are you just showing up” I really wanted to go hit the nail on the head.

“It’s really not my fault, your grandparents never gave me the chance to. They always hid you anytime I came around” he replied

“No one hide me, you never came around. If they had hidden me, why are you here with me?” I asked “You always came over to hurt my family, cursing them without showing any form of remorse for what you did to my mother” I added

“Am sorry, I know I did wrong too. I wasn’t the best husband to your mother, I was ignorant and as the years went by I got to realize my mistakes. Am sorry for everything, your mother didn’t deserve all that I did, I hope and pray am forgiven” he said, his face turned pale

“So it’s really true, you did what you did” I said almost crying

“Am sorry” 

“I really can’t imagine why you did that, aside she not wanting you. You abandoned me and after sixteen years you want me” I said staring at him, but he avoided my eyes.

“You’ve been the wall between me and the things I want, am not letting you come in between me and the things I want again” I continued

“Hiqmat, I know how much I have failed. I know I haven’t been the best of a father but I can right my wrongs. All I need is your forgiveness, I couldn’t get your mother to forgive me, I want you to forgive me. Am not coming in between anything, I just want to be with you as a father” he said 

“You need to ask for forgiveness from my family, they’re the ones you’ve hurt the most. They’re the one’s who took care of your wife, my mother till she died and they nurtured me till date” I told him

“I will, I need you to forgive me first” he pleaded

“When my family forgives you, I’ll do the same” I replied and got down from the car.

It was good to know he’s alive and well, I was scared of getting too close to him thinking I might fall victim of what happened twenty years ago. My mind kept going through everything Aunt Baraqah told me about him and how he admitted to it. 

This is the story of my life, I got home and plunged into my bed. Maryam came over to check on me, I hugged her and narrated everything. She’s been my greatest confidant and strength

…To be continued.



You’re my sin

The only thing I can’t get 

But the only thing that gets to me

I wonder how you did it

I never struggled 

I just let you be
We’re different

That makes it worse

We both know it’s a no-no

But the skin keeps calling for it
I have sleepless nights after meeting you

Wishing I didn’t do what I did

But I can’t fathom why I didn’t refuse

I think am been bewitched 
I can’t tell why I want to be in your arms knowing you have someone

We’ve both cheated but you love her more

I crave for a shoulder to lean on

And you gave me yours

Even though I know am not your specs
There’s really no reason why I should be with you

Am just your bedmate 

Friends with benefits don’t last

I know this won’t last
I think I want you more than you do

I find myself doing things you should do

I think am naive or rather am naive
The only thing you want is my skin

But all I want is friendship that will never be

Am not used to sin but am now an embodiment of sin


Worlds Apart

I know you can’t be mine

But I find myself longing for you

I won’t let anyone in

But you managed to get me

We’re two worlds apart
A good girl gone bad

A bad boy that won’t change

A girl buried in religion

A boy in the world
I find myself repenting after every meeting

I find myself in sin after repenting

I have ignored, refused and denied it

But I can’t find myself forgetting
I know it won’t last forever

But I wanted it to end before it started

It has happened 

My fears are written all over me

Punishment for my sins is not know yet

But it’s certainly going to be grievous


THE WALL BETWEEN- Chapter Fifteen

  It was my birthday, Maryam woke me up from sleep. She sprinkled water on my face as she wished me Happy birthday. 

“Happy sixteenth birthday to my favorite cousin” she said hugging me. “May this day bring you joy and May the Almighty bless, protect and grant you all your heart desires” she prayed

“Amin” I replied with a big smile,  yay! it was my sixteenth birthday.

“Wash yourself and come over to the sitting room” she said and left for the sitting room.

 I hurried into the bathroom and in no time I was in the sitting room. Granny and Aunt Faiza baked a chocolate cake for me, it was my favorite cake.

My family always planned a birthday party for me every year. I was sixteen already, a sixteen year old was considered an adult in my family and was thus treated as such. Grandpa always told me a sixteen years old girl should be able to handle the affairs of a home, because that’s when she starts facing challenges with the outside world if she’s not facing one before sixteen.

My Grandparents prayed for me and I cut the lovely cake. Everyone was merry as they all talked about my growing up, the things I used to do and the things I still do. As the party continued, I took a moment to thank my family for everything they have done for me.

 I had written a speech prior to my birthday, I stood for a moment trying to get their attention when Maryam whispered.

“Everyone loves you, I think you should tell them you love them too. You’re sixteen, I read your speech. Go on” she said

I managed to get everyone’s attention as I read out my speech, at first I was reading from the paper.

“I can’t thank you all enough for everything, every year, am being celebrated. Thanks to my grandparents who has always been there for me, thank you for everything. Thank you for not giving up on me, thank you for trusting me.” I paused and folded the paper into my pocket.

“Today am sixteen but you have taught me how to be eighteen. You both have taught me that life isn’t a bed roses and we learn everyday.

Thanks to my Uncle for being a father, thanks for teaching me how not to jeopardize anything, thanks to Aunt Faiza for always been there for me. Thanks to my cousins who have always supported me.

Thanks to Aunt Baraqah for everything. I really can’t thank you all enough, your prayers have kept me going and am promising never to let anyone down.” I said.

Everyone wore a big smile and soon they started hugging and kissing me. It was one of the best birthday party ever.

Few minutes into the party, a knock was heard on the door. Maryam opened the door and the man from the previous night walked in, everyone was surprised to see him. I knew who he was, I have seen him thrice, twice at our house. I was nervous at first but then I remembered all that Maryam told me.

The room was quite at first, Aunt Faiza held my hand and Granny asked him what he wanted

“What are you doing here?” She asked

“It’s my daughter’s birthday, am here to wish her” he replied

“She doesn’t need your wishes” Granny told him

Our eyes met and he said

“I’m sorry this is how you get to know am your father” he paused “Happy birthday to you, am wishing you all the good things of life” he said as he moved closer to me. 

“I should have come around earlier, but they don’t want me around you. They’ve always hidden you away from me” he added

“Oh no!” Aunty Faiza exclaimed as she let go of my hand, it was obvious he was lying. If a father wants to see his child, he would go extra mile just to see his child I thought.

I said nothing as I patiently listened all he had to say. He was got very close to me and offered me a birthday present. I stared at him and the gift, trying to figuring out what to say. Staring at him, I was lost in words and full of anger.

“You should leave” I finally said

“They’ve told you bad things about me, you shouldn’t believe anything they say” he said trying to touch me

I shrugged and gave him a stern look

“Please leave” I told him. He dropped the present at my foot and turned around to leave

“Don’t forget to take your present” I said as I pushed it towards him with my right foot.

He was shocked at my behavior. I really don’t know if I was doing the right thing, but I know he wasn’t doing the right thing.

“Am your father, these people have denied me the right to know you and today you’re refusing me” he said.

Everyone was quite, the watched us both act.

“For sixteen years, they have been refusing you or for sixteen years you have refused to show compassion, remorse and effort” I asked him. His eyes widened and his mouth opened. I said the truth, my family didn’t refuse him, he failed to show compassion, remorse and effort.

He couldn’t say anything, he stared at me, picked his present and left without saying a word. My grandparents eyes were teary already. Maryam gave me a hug and she whispered 

“You made us proud” 

I didn’t know if I could forgive my father or let him into my life in future but one thing was for sure he’s going to come back. I started to prepare myself for next time, I was certain he really didn’t want to ruin my day that’s why he didn’t say much.

My family talked about what happened all through the night, I could hear them from my room.

… To be continued.