Together forever


“…You know when one door closes another opens, a more better door than the previous opens” Gbemi said smiling

She smiled as she heard him say sorry a word so small yet so big, for a moment she wondered why it took him so long to say sorry. As she looked at him over the dinner table,he hasn’t changed since they last met. All Gbemi could see in him was a monster a mistake yet a lesson.
  How could he come now after a year to tell her sorry, staring at him she began to recall all that has happened in the past. Gbemi sat still her eyes fixed on him as he kept repeating the word “SORRY” she took a long stare at him and this time she wasn’t smiling.

    “I’m sorry i never did know your worth” Leke said

   “Oh yeah! How would you know” Gbemi said softly “All you ever cared for was your work, friends you never cared about me, I was more of a nobody to you your punch bag!” she said in anger.

   ‘I’ve come to realise my mistakes, i’m sorry if only I could change the hands of time but I can’t. I’m sorry Gbemi life hasn’t been at it’s best since you left” Leke said with tears in his eyes.

  “How sweet! anyone who sees you like this would believe you’re really sorry…” Angry Gbemi
  ‘I really am” he cuts
“Let me finish” talking Gwen said with anger written all over her

“…So it took you a year to get your brain together to tell me you’re sorry, you are a mistake, a lesson. Have you forgotten all you said when you ended our marriage now you’re back it doesn’t work that way,it doesn’t” Gbemi had said telling him words for words all he had told the court while he was filing for a divorce.

Gbemi and Leke were once married, but soon the marriage came crashing down. Leke who used to be a loving husband began to keep late nights and had numerous girlfriend, he spent more time with his friends than his wife he was always at work and had no spare time for Gbemi, he would beat whenever she did confront him. Gbemi confronted him one night and that was when he filed for a divorce after listening to his friend’s advice, he had told the Judge Gbemi married him solely because of his money,he accused her of cheating on him and trying to poison him. All he had said because he wanted a divorce which was given to him, a year later he wants her back.

“I’m sorry’ he said  ‘I know I let you down, i’m ready to be a changed person am ready to be the man you want me to,please I want you back” Leke.

She smiled at him and shook her head.

“…You know when one door closes another opens, a more better door than the previous opens” Gbemi said smiling “…All that happened is in the past,now we are in the present which leads to the future. It’s totally impossible to go back to my past, Leke it’s late and moreover even if you came back in the past I would never..” She said.

“Please don’t say that,let’s forget about the past,I know I did let u down I really miss you” He was almost on his kneels “…I’ve learnt my lessons”.
“It’s too late and I have moved on, anyways am engaged and would be getting married soon..” she said showing him her beautiful diamond ring

  “I’m getting married next month” she said “…I’m building my future and can’t go back to my past. Its nice to see you again, I hope you to get to appreciate the next woman who comes into your life” she said as she stood up to leave.
  “…I’m inviting you” she said giving him her invite card, she stood up and left.

Leke sat mute he never imagined what just happened she always loved how could she get over him so soon he thought, it looked almost impossible but yet possible. He has lost a woman who endured three years of his continuous torture, he soon had tears running down his cheeks,he took a look at the card and it read “Together Forever”.


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