Failure is never ending, everyone is bound to fail at something. No one is born perfect, we sometimes become perfect at something and as a result we often look down on those who are not, making them feel they can’t be better. We shouldn’t forget that there was a time when we failed and still we kept moving, we may not have people to encourage us when we were striving but that doesn’t stop us from standing by those who are struggling to rise. Failure is just like change it’s constant,we stumbled and rise, we experience several challenges but the best part of it all is when we look back and we say ‘I MADE IT’.

Life never promised us it would be rosy and so we shouldn’t always expect a free ride.

When we fail, we learn new things we know what doesn’t work and try new techniques. When we fail we get prepared for more things, failing at something is a risk and taking risk makes us better, anyone who refuses to take risk because of fear of failure never get ahead of anyone.

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Be Bold

Be bold enough to make mistakes and take responsibility for the. Be bold enough to look fear in the eyes and take that step you want to take,make that decision. Take Risk and Be Bold.




If you can keep your head up when everything around you is falling
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
If you can wait and not getting tired of waiting
If you’ve been lied to but not giving to lies
Or been hated and not giving to hating

If you can dream and make goals for it
If you can think and think right
If you can meet with Challenges and Triumph
If you can watch the things you gave your life to break
If you can lose and start again
And build them up with your hands

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue
Walk with kings and be meek
If neither foes nor friends can hurt you
If all men count with you
If you can forgive unconditionally
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it.


Together forever


“…You know when one door closes another opens, a more better door than the previous opens” Gbemi said smiling

She smiled as she heard him say sorry a word so small yet so big, for a moment she wondered why it took him so long to say sorry. As she looked at him over the dinner table,he hasn’t changed since they last met. All Gbemi could see in him was a monster a mistake yet a lesson.
  How could he come now after a year to tell her sorry, staring at him she began to recall all that has happened in the past. Gbemi sat still her eyes fixed on him as he kept repeating the word “SORRY” she took a long stare at him and this time she wasn’t smiling.

    “I’m sorry i never did know your worth” Leke said

   “Oh yeah! How would you know” Gbemi said softly “All you ever cared for was your work, friends you never cared about me, I was more of a nobody to you your punch bag!” she said in anger.

   ‘I’ve come to realise my mistakes, i’m sorry if only I could change the hands of time but I can’t. I’m sorry Gbemi life hasn’t been at it’s best since you left” Leke said with tears in his eyes.

  “How sweet! anyone who sees you like this would believe you’re really sorry…” Angry Gbemi
  ‘I really am” he cuts
“Let me finish” talking Gwen said with anger written all over her

“…So it took you a year to get your brain together to tell me you’re sorry, you are a mistake, a lesson. Have you forgotten all you said when you ended our marriage now you’re back it doesn’t work that way,it doesn’t” Gbemi had said telling him words for words all he had told the court while he was filing for a divorce. Continue reading “Together forever”




I never believed in fairy tales
But you are my fairytale
I never had fantasies
You became my greatest fantasy

Each time you call my name
My heart jumps for joy
The sight of you sends cold down my spines
Your sweet lullaby voice caresses my soul

When we walk together,the whole world stands still
With you by my side all that’s imperfect becomes perfect
I see the light of love in you

You’ve become my fairytale
My greatest fantasy.



As I walked down the street heading home
I could see so many people but
They all had the same faces

Faces looking like no other but you
Each had your smile on their faces
They had your voice
They walked like you

Everything around me speaks of you
I smiled as I saw them
You have occupied my thought

There isn’t anything compared to you
Your sight glitters my soul
Illuminate my heart
Brightens my eyes




Sometimes all we need is a little push up,something or someone to motivate us and make us feel we can do the unimaginable.

Life is meant to be lived in the best possible way it can be lived.

Why make life complex when its really simple, learn to give back when you receive and learn to appreciate when you’re acknowledged.

In life certain things are bound to happen,the good,bad and ugly but whatever happens,we should never fail to give thanks to God.

Life is a journey full of ups and downs and no one was ever promised a risk free life. Stepping out of your room every morning is a risk because no one knows what’s going to happen next.

Learn to appreciate people who just want to be around you, and never try to make them feel less.