You’re my sin

The only thing I can’t get 

But the only thing that gets to me

I wonder how you did it

I never struggled 

I just let you be
We’re different

That makes it worse

We both know it’s a no-no

But the skin keeps calling for it
I have sleepless nights after meeting you

Wishing I didn’t do what I did

But I can’t fathom why I didn’t refuse

I think am been bewitched 
I can’t tell why I want to be in your arms knowing you have someone

We’ve both cheated but you love her more

I crave for a shoulder to lean on

And you gave me yours

Even though I know am not your specs
There’s really no reason why I should be with you

Am just your bedmate 

Friends with benefits don’t last

I know this won’t last
I think I want you more than you do

I find myself doing things you should do

I think am naive or rather am naive
The only thing you want is my skin

But all I want is friendship that will never be

Am not used to sin but am now an embodiment of sin


Worlds Apart

I know you can’t be mine

But I find myself longing for you

I won’t let anyone in

But you managed to get me

We’re two worlds apart
A good girl gone bad

A bad boy that won’t change

A girl buried in religion

A boy in the world
I find myself repenting after every meeting

I find myself in sin after repenting

I have ignored, refused and denied it

But I can’t find myself forgetting
I know it won’t last forever

But I wanted it to end before it started

It has happened 

My fears are written all over me

Punishment for my sins is not know yet

But it’s certainly going to be grievous


Come see me

All I want is for you to be here

Cross the boundary 

Steal a boat 

And come see me

Take the next flight

Shoot a police man 

Steal a car 

And come see me

Bring my favourite dish

Buy me a nice dress 

Buy a nice drink

And come see me

Put on your best Jean

The black Tee

The white sneakers

And come see me

Bring red roses 

‘Cause I would be wearing red lipstick

And come see me

I would be waiting at the terrace 

Don’t fail 

Come see me





If you can keep your head up when everything around you is falling
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
If you can wait and not getting tired of waiting
If you’ve been lied to but not giving to lies
Or been hated and not giving to hating

If you can dream and make goals for it
If you can think and think right
If you can meet with Challenges and Triumph
If you can watch the things you gave your life to break
If you can lose and start again
And build them up with your hands

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue
Walk with kings and be meek
If neither foes nor friends can hurt you
If all men count with you
If you can forgive unconditionally
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it.




I never believed in fairy tales
But you are my fairytale
I never had fantasies
You became my greatest fantasy

Each time you call my name
My heart jumps for joy
The sight of you sends cold down my spines
Your sweet lullaby voice caresses my soul

When we walk together,the whole world stands still
With you by my side all that’s imperfect becomes perfect
I see the light of love in you

You’ve become my fairytale
My greatest fantasy.



As I walked down the street heading home
I could see so many people but
They all had the same faces

Faces looking like no other but you
Each had your smile on their faces
They had your voice
They walked like you

Everything around me speaks of you
I smiled as I saw them
You have occupied my thought

There isn’t anything compared to you
Your sight glitters my soul
Illuminate my heart
Brightens my eyes


I Await

As a child yearns for chocolates
I yearned for your arrival
I awaited the day I did hold you in my arms

Give you your first kiss
Be the first to see your cute smile
Touch your little fingers
And watch you take your first step
I awaited your birthday

Habyb was gonna be your name
For I awaited your arrival My Beloved
Everyone awaited your birth
But you never came around

Your cradle still stands
Handmade by your Papa
For he hopes to see you someday
Your socks I had knitted from fine wool lays in it
I still await your return
My Beloved